Our Cakes: Each cake is made with a specific child in mind

Sweet Blessings creates happy birthdays and unforgettable cakes for children living in poverty, with a life-threatening illness, or with special needs. Sweet Blessings accepts referrals from schools, churches and service providers only. If you are an individual who would like to recommend a child for a Sweet Blessings cake, please contact a service provider who works with the child.

We believe the children should feel as special as their cake. So, we want our cakes to remind children of the cakes they see on TV, not the ones they see in the grocery store. All our cakes are either made of multiple tiers or carved into special shapes. They are also covered in fondant to give them that extra special look.

Each cake is made with a specific child in mind. The child’s favorite colors, hobbies, future aspirations, etc. are all considered when personalizing a cake. The cake isn’t for just anyone, it is for that very special child.

Here are the stories of a few of the children we have served:

Siblings of a homeless family of 10
Very ill child whose goal was to live to her next birthday
Child living in a motel because her home was infested with bed bugs
Boy living in a youth shelter
Two children who had a parent pass away shortly before their birthdays
A child who was in the hospital at the time of his birthday and had been for two months
A girl who had been collecting aluminum cans to cash in and buy her own birthday cake
A child living in a half-way house with his parent
Many homeless children

Sweet Blessings delivered its first cake in February 2011. The recipient was a very special boy named Dalton. Dalton received a traumatic brain injury in a car crash when he was six. By the time he received his Sweet Blessings cake for his eighth birthday, Dalton and his mother had been living in the Ronald McDonald House for a year so he could attend rehabilitation sessions in Lexington. Dalton had been working hard learning how to use a walker. It was amazing to see him get up from his wheelchair and take the three steps to his cake for a closer look.

According to his mother, Tammy, “When he saw that cake he lit up like a light bulb. It was a blessing.”
Dalton loved his cake so much that he wouldn’t eat the sculpted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle which graced the top of his cake, nor would he allow his mother to throw it away.

Happy birthday, Dalton. Cowabunga Dude!

We have had a rough couple of months. Extremely trying. Asher seem to light up on his birthday. His mentor from the Amache group brought in one of your cakes and it almost made him cry! Thank you soooo much for you’re ministry!

Thanks for making my son so happy.

She can’t wait to eat this wonderful cake at her party! Not only are they awesomely designed but they taste amazing! THANK YOU to all that helped with her cake!

Thank u so much for blessing my son with his cake for his bday he loves Uk & he was very excited once he got to see his cake!!!

Thank you, Sweet Blessings for a pleasant surprise. My daughter loves her birthday cake. You sure made her day with today’s delivery.

“SB was truly a blessing to my son and I, to know that someone else besides his family cares enough about him to make his day even more special is amazing. To see his face light up when he saw a cake that he normally would have only dreamed about was heartfelt. SB is not only about making cakes but about letting these children know that no matter what they face they still are still special and loved.”

My son, Isaac, was surprised & excited to receive his Minecraft creeper cake made by you! Thank you for your wonderful hearts!

Thank you all for my 8th Birthday Cake at my new school.

This is my niece and the cake that was made for her March 8 she loved it ..we all did thank you so much ..God bless you all